Join Us

We are always looking for new personnel for the many roles of the department. All our personnel are volunteers.

To become an operational firefighter you need to be at least 18, reasonably fit and willing to undertake a training programme to enable you to meet the relevant standards.
We will consider ALL applicants for an operational role, including those who wear glasses.

We may also start a cadet scheme if there is enough interest, where people join at 16 to learn the skills required to go on the run with us at 18.

Maybe running around getting cold and wet is not your cup of tea? We also require personnel to assist on our medical, fire prevention & control side, which are just as important roles as firefighting.

The other areas we need personnel to assist us are:
-Fire extinguisher maintenance
-Vehicle maintenance
-Building maintenance
-General assistance with all the roles of the rapidly expanding service!

All we ask is that you offer us some commitment and we will give you the chance to serve in one of the fastest growing departments on the railway!

Please contact us either at Horsted Keynes at most weekends or Wednesday evenings drill night from 19:00hrs, or email Julian Best, Railway Fire Officer at for any further details or questions you may have.